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What Sets Us Apart

Here’s the big difference between our website and other earning sites: We keep it simple! Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, never-ending, profitable offers for both desktop and mobile earners.

We only pick high-quality, reputable earning offers that are worth your time. Unlike other earning sites, we don’t decrease the amount of points you get as time goes on. We’re constantly updating this website with new simple offers.

Common Questions

Q. How much do I make on Simple Rewards offers?

A. We split profits 80/20. Which means you get 80% of all profits for every offer!

Q. What is the minimum payout amount?

A. You can cash out your Simple Points for PayPal money or gift cards once you’ve earned $3 (300 Simple Points).

Q. Is there any verification required to cash out my points?

A. Only email verification is required. We believe in creating an accessible platform for everyone, even if you don’t have a phone number. But please note that we only allow members who are serious about earning on our platform. Don’t sign up if you intend to exploit offers on our website, it’s a waste of time for everyone involved. Instead, consider making money with our affiliate program.

Q. How long do cashouts take?

A. Cashouts take 30-60 days maximum. We realize this is an inconvenience, but we are working with our monetization partners to increase the frequency of payouts. We greatly appreciate your support during this initial startup period.

Q. If I break the rules, will I be banned?

A. We don’t believe in banning our users, except for extreme circumstances, like attempted hacking/exploitation. Our staff use common sense to solve problems peacefully, no ban required. No more automated ban waves. However, please do not use a VPN or try to scam offers on this website. Our survey partners will disqualify and potentially ban your account from earning on their platforms.

Please note that some of our offer partners will reverse earnings if you rush through surveys, enter invalid info, use VPNs, or use bots on their website.

Q. What happens If an offer doesn’t pay out after Completion?

A. Although we have no control over 3rd party offers, we’ll escalate your case to our monetization partners to make sure the case is resolved. To submit a claim, please contact us here: with screenshot proof that you were not paid for an offer. We can’t guarantee a satisfactory resolution, but we’ll do our best.

Q. Can I have multiple accounts?

A. We allow 1 account per IP.

Our Affiliate Program

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